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EZZ Cuts - Acoustical Tile Cutter

EZZ Cuts - Acoustical Tile Cutter Supply in New Jersey | EZZ Cuts - Acoustical Tile Cutter | Kamco Supply Corp, New Jersey

The EZZ CUTS Workstation allows you to work by yourself and get a straight precision cut that you can not get using a square and a hand held utility knife for many types of tile. Manually it is very difficult to cut tiles made up of cast mineral fiber, using the EZZ CUTS Workstation you will get the straight cut you need. The multi-functional pivoting handle is a guided pivoting knife that will allow you to apply different amounts of pressure as needed depending on the make up of the tile.


  • Easily attaches to a baker shelf on a scaffold
  • Cuts tile up to 1" thick and various size tiles
  • Cuts many types of edges including reveal/beveled edges
  • Works on x-technology tiles, fiberglass tiles, cast mineral tiles and most water felted mineral fiber tiles.
  • Lenox gold titanium edge blade for durability eliminates the need for constantly changing your blade
  • Tape measure on the workstation eliminates the need for a t square and a hand held tape measure
  • Cuts insulation panel as well as sound panel


  • Cuts labor and material cost
  • Cuts a true factory reveal edge
  • Cuts tile to scribed mark
  • Cuts holes to any size from 2" - 7" (with deluxe attachment)


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